• cultivate a sense of gratitude and wonder for life

• wean yourself from intense media experiences, cultivate healthy activities

• try to have meals and to sleep at regular times

• eat healthily, take necessary supplements

• have only necessary tests and interventions done during pregnancy

•aim for natural birth

•find midwife and/or doula support for the birth

•choose people and an environment you trust for the birth

•learn about the stages of birth and medical procedures before

•create a gentle space to receive the baby

•take six weeks of quiet after the birth


•approach the baby with an attitude of love and gratitude

•breastfeed your baby

•be gentle on all the senses: gentle light, natural and soft sounds, natural and soft clothing and bedding

•keep the baby warm

•avoid over stimulating the baby

•avoid exposure to media

•observe and respect the stages the baby grows into, avoid interfering with their own natural physical or intellectual development

•find out why the baby is crying rather than randomly rocking or bouncing or distracting them

•allow the baby to lie in a horizontal position that doesn’t restrict his movements

•let the baby learn to roll over, crawl, sit, stand and walk on his own, without your help

•be yourself worthy of imitation


•respect play, give the child autonomy in their activities

•allow children to finish what they're doing (as much as possible)

•provide varied, natural, regular play opportunities that allow for free exploration

•aim for very simple toys made of natural materials, that inspire and leave room for the child's imagination

•avoid media, such as TV, computer, video games, radio, even recorded music, as much as possible

•protect the child from intense environments and over stimulation

•have clothes made of natural material (wool, cotton or silk)

•establish rhythm, regularity, in daily, weekly and yearly life

•avoid actively teaching and stimulating intellect (teaching colours, numbers, naming things they should repeat etc., or asking questions “what is... can you like...etc.) before the impulse and interest comes from the child

•let what are you saying match what are you doing

•establish household rules and give the child the security of knowing they are firm

•establish healthy eating habits and stick to them

•give acknowledgement instead of praise or criticism

•talk to say something necessary or to respond, give the child space

•become yourself an example for your children to imitate

•cultivate a sense of gratitude, reverence and wonder in yourself