It's a good idea to think about what you would like, for each stage of the birth process and write it down. This is something the parents can do together. Imagine an ideal scenario: what feels right, where would you like to be (hospital, home, birthing centre), who will be there (who do you trust, especially who does the mother trust), what exercises or images you would like to prepare for the occasion, what brings you comfort and security. 

It's always good to know what medical interventions are for and what the effects are, both for you and the baby, even if you want a natural birth, and it's good to know what your caregiver usually does with the newborn baby. Decide what your ideal scenario would be. Decide how you want to receive the baby, what medical procedures you want or not, and what you wish those around you to do. For example, who should cut the cord, where you would like the baby placed, how much time you would like. Go over your birth plan with your caregiver so they know your preferences and your preferences for treatment and handling of the baby. Of course it has to be a flexible plan, but this way, you may have things happen as you envision them, if all is well. 

   The point is to take advantage of the whole physiological potential of mother and baby. It is the opposite of culturally controlled childbirth, which is in fact medically controlled childbirth in our society. Michel Odent [1]


Prenatal care and tests

Care of the new born immediately after the birth

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[1] Odent, Michel, The Farmer and the Obstetrician, Free Association Books, London 2002 page 137

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