A birth plan

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The first months

How to make decisions

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The first forty days for care of perineum after birth.


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Many babies have a thin layer of creamy vernix covering some of their skin at birth, depending on how early or late they are born. Vernix is full of rich nutrients and is absorbed by the skin if it isn't cleaned off.[1]  It moisturizes the baby's delicate skin, it heals wounds and has immune proteins similar to those in breast milk. It is good to find the vernix left in crevices, like behind the ears and in the neck, where it is often thicker, and rub it into the skin. 

A baby benefits greatly if he is laid on his mother's chest for skin-to-skin contact (or on his father's chest), and covered with a light blanket to keep him warm.[2] He can be patted dry and cleaned off gently while being warmed like this. Immediate skin-to skin contact increases the likelihood of breastfeeding, strengthens the bond between mother and baby in the first weeks, keeps the baby warm, and lessens a new baby's need to cry[3][4].

Right after birth, the baby will often search for the breast on his own. The sucking reflex is strongest twenty or thirty minutes after the birth, so it's good to leave time for this if possible. There are many documentations of freshly born babies moving and finding the nipple by themselves. If possible, it is good to avoid bathing the baby for the first week until he can better handle temperature changes.

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The birth of cupid by the Master of Flora