Two women and a child 

by Diego Riviera


If you have a doctor for the birth but wish to have support before and during the birth or for the post-partum time, you can find a doula. A doula is a professional caregiver that knows the birth process and assists the mother with physical and emotional support. They give prenatal (ante-natal) support, and they stay with the mother throughout the birth, help her with natural pain management and can explain medical procedures. Doulas do not perform clinical exams but support using massage, position suggestions for labour and other natural means. They can help you to prepare for the birth, and help to prepare a birth plan (see link below), as well as be there after the birth for help with breastfeeding and baby care.

Studies show that a doula supported birth, like with midwives, is more likely to be faster, have less medical interventions, less pain medication, a lesser chance of having a caesarean birth, a higher breastfeeding success rate, as well as having less chances of medical interventionsfor the baby.[1], [2],[3] A study also reveals that women in a doula supported birth were likely to experience the same amount of labour pain as women who received epidural analgesia for pain relief.[4]


A birth plan

Prenatal care and tests

To find a local doula see Birthing Naturally


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