It's important that fathers and helpers have an understanding of what will happen, that they understand the stages of labour, the birth and the post partum time so that they can really support the mother and be an positive and active presence for the event. The event does not end with the birth; support for the mother and baby after the birth is crucial. The father can be a very important presence for keeping things calm and gentle.


"The attitude of the father can be of equal importance to that of the mother. A loving and helpful husband is a great source of energy for his wife. By giving her his full attention and his physical strength (...), he can greatly reduce the number of hours required for her labour. A compassionate husband is a priceless aid to labour and delivery. The attitude of everyone present at the birthing affects the course of the labour."

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin[6]


"Help her create the atmosphere she wants. [...] I’m talking about being calm when she wants calm, strong when she wants strong, and sensitive when she wants sensitive. Be a rock. You might get to a stage when the best thing to do is absolutely nothing. That’s the stage when there is nothing you can do to make it better, or quicker, or smoother. Then she just needs to know you are there, next to her, doing nothing. Enjoy it all! The birth of your child is the most incredible thing you will experience in your entire life."[7]

Tomorrow's Promise by Mike Wimmer

The Holy Family by Goya Francesco


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