It's important that the mother be warm during labour and not get chilled. Cold makes us contract and slow down to save heat, so being warm is important for you to feel open and comfortable, and warmth helps you to relax and breathe deeply.

Taking a warm bath or shower during labour is often used to lessen labour pain and enhance relaxation. [1]


Refreshing and helpful hints for labour: Sipping raspberry leaf herb tea, even cool, is thought to help labour along. Sipping water with a few homeopathic drops of arnica or Rescue Remedy can help soothe and calm the mother (available at health food stores). Some women swear by frozen grapes to chew and suck on when labour is long.

“The body is designed to naturally decrease the appetite as labor progresses. When the body is hungry it is because the blood sugar levels are low and need to be raised. Not eating during labor will reduce your energy, increase your fatigue, and decrease your ability to deal with the stress of labor. Hunger is a sign the mother is most likely still in early labor, and she

should eat something.” [2]

Jennifer Vanderlaan

Woman at Her Bath, circa 1895 by Degas

A Portrait of Naniwaya Okita, the Famous Teahouse Waitress Serving a Cup of Tea by Utamaro Kitagawa


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