You Are Your Child's First Teacher. by Rahima Dancy Baldwin

A guide full of insights and suggestions about receiving a newborn, fostering healthy early childhood development, the importance of play, bringing rhythm into the day, and fostering healthy parenting values, based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights.


Guide to Child Health. by Michaela Glöckler MD and Wolfgang Goebel MD

A must-have medical and general health guide that touches on numerous childhood illnesses and treatments, vaccination, care of newborns, nutrition, foundations for healthy development, education and parenting therapy.


The Incarnating Child. by Joan Salter

A good introduction to Rudolf Steiner's indications and insights about birth, babies and young children, motherhood, as well as a thorough guide for caring for the child, nutrition, the senses, development and play from a spiritual perspective. 

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

Using the extraordinary power of love to raise calmer, happier and more secure kids. A very important book, full of concrete suggestions that bring as much good to parents as they do to children. See Links for more info.

Phases of Childhood by Bernard Lievegoed

As a physician and educationalist, Lievegoed describes the development of the child in phases of seven years, each phase having its own character, and gives practical applications of these insights.

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Nurturing our children from birth to seven. by Barbera J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley

A wonderful little gem of a book written by a long time Waldorf Kindergarten teacher. Includes stories and crafts.

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children

by Sharifa Oppenheimer

Bridges theoretical understanding of child development with practical ideas, resources, and tips that can transform family life. Through art, storytelling, and the festival celebrations, this book is a guide to build a "family culture" based on the guiding principle of love.

Magical Motherhood. by Brenda Hammond

A series of letters written in an intimate, conversational style from a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law about becoming a mother, from the point of view of mind, body and spirit.


Children at Play by Heidi Britz-Crecelius

An exploration of various aspects of play in different stages of childhood with recommendations of games, toys, supplies and materials to use, from the perspective of Waldorf education.

Making a Home by Shannon Honeybloom

In describing her home and family life, Shannon Honeybloom shows how we can make a house into a real home as she shares her own efforts, hopes, and lessons in making a safe and healthy home that provides warmth and intimacy for the whole family. 

Homemaking as a Social Art by Veronika van Duin

Taking a spiritual perspective inspired by Steiner’s work and the Camphill movement, the author looks at rhythm, relationships, an artistic environment, meeting needs of each person in the home, the importance of learning and self-development and many other aspects of homemaking.