A wonderful way of giving a focus to activities and crafts through the year is to bring festivals and seasonal celebrations into the rhythm of the year. Preparing for a festival by making crafts, baking, making cards to send, decorating, singing songs and saying poems that relate to the coming event can help prepare the child and evoke a sense of wonder. One way to start is to find a little shelf or table that becomes the seasonal or festival table, where one can put objects of nature pertaining to the season, images one finds, crafts and anything that helps create the mood of the festival. For example, the table cloth can be changed to different colours according to the season, in autumn one can collect branches or leaves, in the spring and summer, fresh flowers and in winter one can create a little winter scene.

“The original idea of any sacred festival is to make the human being look upward from his dependence on earthly things to those things that transcend the Earth.”

Rudolf Steiner

"He who works with his hands, is a workman,

He who works with his hands and head, is a craftsman,

He who works with his hands, and his head and his heart,

is an artist."

Francis of Assisi 


Craft and festival resources


Carnation Lily, Lily, Rose 

by John Singer Sargent