What is an ideal diet for a young child? There could easily be an entire site devoted to this subject! But here are a few things I discovered: When little children are exposed regularly to fresh vegetables and grains, and have as little processed foods and as little sugar possible, they acquire a taste for healthy eating habits, as well as being well nourished. If possible, look for local fresh foods that are high quality such as organic, and even better - biodynamic, foods. Biodynamic foods are grown and raised not only with organic standards, but also use farming methods to enrich the vitality of the soil.[1]

For the early years, digesting intense animal protein (meat, fish and eggs) takes more energy and uses forces that are in great demand for growing and developing in the first three years. It is quite possible to give them enough protein via milk and milk products such as yogurt and cheese, nut butters and seeds, and whole grains. The books Foodwise and Laurel's Kitchen are a great source of ideas for the vegetarian diet. 

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[1] What is Biodynamic Agriculture? Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, 2009, researched August 2009


Still Life with Fruit Basket, 1880-1890 

by Paul Cezanne

Gerard David, Virgin and child with bowl of pap

Jacob van Hulsdonck, Still life