What can help bring one's consciousness into readiness for pregnancy? What thoughts and feelings are a good environment for conception? It is known that the pregnant woman's thoughts and feelings have an affect on a growing foetus,[1] and that stress can make it more difficult to conceive [2]. With this in mind, it may be beneficial to look at stress factors in your life, at changing any negative thinking habits and feeling patterns that you may have, and to begin cultivating positive ones.

Here are some things to do that may be helpful: You could start by creating a quiet inner space for the child that may come, by holding a place for them in your feeling life. You may have a song you hum to yourself while thinking of the child, you might become aware of an image in your mind's eye of a child, or you may have a feeling of a presence that is with you during the day and in sleeping and waking. An image to ponder: in some cultures, the life of the child is said to begin at the time of conception, and that at that moment, the heavens open and touch the earth. You may enjoy looking at beautiful art work depicting mothers and children, or you can cultivate a welcoming feeling by thinking of the child that may come with warmth and love.


The effects of the mother's thoughts and emotions on the unborn child

The negative effects of media


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Song of the waterfall

by Nicolai Roerich

Song of the waterfall

by Nicolai Roerich